ERV = energy recovery ventilation provides an comfortable 40-50% humidity range under essentially all conditions

Each unit has its own energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system that will save up to 90% of space heating and cooling costs while providing terrific indoor air quality.

ERV couples air inflow with air outlet to provide a constantly balanced fresh air supply as well as improved energy performance by preconditioning the incoming outdoor air. During the warmer seasons, the system pre-cools and dehumidifies, while in the cooler seasons it humidifies and preheats, maintaining a relative humidity of an appealing 40-50% range under essentially all conditions. 




In addition to reducing energy costs, ERV’s impressive technology permits R-951’s HVAC equipment to be scaled down and ‘right-sized’, adding only a blower to balance air pressure.

The March 19, 2014 'blower door test' of air tightness yielded a 0.04 ACH reading, surpassing the standard of 0.06 ACH.

Delivering a uniquely high quality of living as well as continual economic dividends to the future owners of the R-951 apartments, the energy conserving and renewable energy generation of this passive house significantly reduce greenhouse emissions and other pollutants normally associated with building energy usage.