The firm’s work balances an interest in modern aesthetics with a commitment to sustainable design.  In a time when the term ‘green architecture’ often amounts to little more than a marketing catchphrase, Paul A. Castrucci Architect specializes in highly efficient buildings with drastically reduced energy use.  To realize its ambitious design goals, the firm utilizes advanced energy analysis, ongoing research in sustainable technologies, and time honored environmental building techniques.  Motivated by the belief that sustainability extends beyond the design process, the firm has embraced work with third party certification systems such as Passive House, Living Building Challenge, LEED, and Energy Star.

At Paul A. Castrucci Architect, sustainability is part of the larger, dual objectives of design excellence and client satisfaction.  The firm believes that sustainability, program, form, light, craftsmanship and the human experience are equally vital aspects in any successful design.   Above all, the firm strives for a design process that is an investigation into the client’s needs, and that will culminate in a project that exceeds the client’s highest expectations.


In its NYC practice, the firm’s knowledge of code, zoning and bureaucratic procedures empowers them to become strong advocates for their clients.   The firm has considerable experience in loft conversions, building legalizations, air rights, zoning analysis, landmark approvals and securing permits for public assembly.  The firm’s experience allows them to identify potential pitfalls early in the design process, integrating code and zoning requirements seamlessly into the design process and maximizing the benefit to the client.


Paul A. Castrucci Architect occupies a first-floor studio in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  Over the past decades, Mr. Castrucci has been actively involved in the community and its development.  He has guided architectural conversion of hundreds of housing units in the neighborhood, and built living and working spaces for artists.  He has long been an advocate for energy efficient design, and is now leading the design and construction for the first commercial Passive House in NYC – the community arts facility for the group ABC No Rio. He has also designed Brooklyn's first Net Zero Passive House