12 KW of Operational Solar Energy   (overview of system)

4KW = electricity used by the average NYC condo

Each R-951 apartment comes with 4 kw of renewable energy, tax credits and a reduced utility bill, as well as a solar back up in the event of a power outage. Achieving 'net zero' is up to you! 

All three apartments has its own Solar Photovoltaic System of approximately 4 KW on the roof that is tied into the Con Edison electric grid. Any energy not used during the day will be fed directly into the grid. The electric meter flows backward as a result, offsetting the draw (and the utility bill) significantly.

Depending on the lifestyle of the people in each apartment, energy use may be 100% balanced by the energy generated, yielding net zero energy use. 

The building includes efficient appliances, LED lighting and system controls, further reducing the electricity load of everyday living. 

For resiliency during storms or other grid outages, each apartment’s solar array has a utility outlet for daytime operation, too. You will be able to charge phones, computers and other devices as long as the sun is shining!

AEON Solar designed this solar photovoltaic system - it utilizes SunPower 250 watt solar panels and SMA Sunny Boy inverters. Each apartment's owner will receive tax credits for the first 4 years of operation, too.