Verified to reduce energy use up to 75%, ‘passive house’ is a comprehensive system used in thousands of buildings, particularly in energy-conscious Europe.

Further Inc., the Design/Build Development Group behind the R-951 Residence, includes Paul Castrucci Architects, which is a Certified Passive House Design firm. 

Each unit has its own energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system that will save up to 90% of space heating and cooling costs while providing terrific indoor air quality. ERV couples air inflow with air outlet to provide a constantly balanced fresh air supply as well as improved energy performance by preconditioning the incoming outdoor air. During the warmer seasons, the system pre-cools and dehumidifies, while in the cooler seasons it humidifies and preheats, maintaining a relative humidity of an appealing 40-50% range under essentially all conditions.  In addition to reducing energy costs, ERV’s impressive technology permits R-951’s HVAC equipment to be scaled down and ‘right-sized’, adding only a blower to balance air pressure.


Delivering a uniquely high quality of living as well as continual economic dividends to the future owners of the R-951 apartments, the energy conserving and renewable energy generation of this passive house significantly reduce greenhouse emissions and other pollutants normally associated with building energy usage.

The building’s design includes high R-value insulation, triple glazed windows, superior air quality and other features that make these spacious units luxuriously comfortable in all seasons. A virtually air-tight building that minimizes energy losses, R-951 is primarily heated by passive solar gain; any additional heat needed will be provided by an extremely small, efficient heat pump in each apartment. In warmer months, shading and window orientation similarly minimizes the cooling load. Verified to reduce energy use 75%, passive house is a comprehensive system. "Passive" describes this system's underlying receptivity and retention capacity. Working with free natural resources, passive solar energy is captured and applied efficiently.